The concept of a smart company born in the 90s with the transition of a capital economy to one based on intellect, which one introduce a serie of changes on the business field that keep active and in constant development.

A smart company has a high capacity to adapt to changes, where it combines technology, the human factor and the information in their internal operations to respond optimally to the demands of the environment.

Understand the environment and adapt

The third Industrial Revolution, better known as the digital revolution brought a positive impact on the communication, making it more fluid and solid. Also, new technologies opened a wide gap of new opportunities to improve all sectors.

These technologies affected the business world and industries and it remain willing in the companies that are taking advantage of them to improve their business model. This is how an evolution was achieved towards what we know today as an smart  company.

The digital age is a fact and becoming an smart company is an advance solution that allows you to focus on results of greater value, which are obtained through three main axes of action: visibility, approach and agility.

An smart company achieved greater objectives at a lower expense, offering a better experience to the consumer and taking a superior position against the competition.

empresa inteligente en 2020

How an smart company is created?

Given the effects of globalization, the business sector has the requirement to provide immediate responses. That is to say, there is a demand for transformation towards an smart company, which is capable of facing any situation in an agile and relevant way based on internal information and the general market landscape.

In this sense, the management information takes ons a higher value, since in the face of increasingly competitive environments, this is the key to establishing an optimal work rhythm that provides the desired results. That is why an smart company relies on a transmission of diligent information.

The configuration of a smart company begins with the adaptation where the sense of competition is increased at all internal levels, therefore, it is important that all the personnel that make up a company adhere to the mission and vision it has to maintain communication and impeccable production.

¿Como creo una empresa inteligente?

Premises to be an smart company

The main objective of any company is to reddit. That is to say,that their work grants the expected earnings to add value to their goods and services that at the same time advantage their image on the market.

In the case of an intelligent company in addition to the above, invests resources in the information it manages to organize , manage and take advantage of all the data that helps to obtain guaranteed long-term results.

Under this operating mode the following premises are:

  1. The regulatory system of a company must include the development, knowledge and human skills in all internal areas.
  2. The constant training will be essential for the understanding of new demands and the execution of activities to respond adequately to them.
  3. The training development must impact all levels of the company’s resources to make them competitive advantages.
  4. The ability to analyze will be imperative to ensure that the above reflects a productive performance at the time of putting it into practice.
Objetivos de las empresas inteligentes

The generation of fast information

Actually, different sectors such as social, economic and political are undergoing a transformation driven by major technological changes that have shaped the concept of information society.

This same evolution has led to changes in the business sector due to the introduction of the digital economy that, on the one hand, favors the emergence of new jobs that require specialized profiles that dominate the technologies. On the other hand, it raises the introduction of new business strategies.

To enjoy the benefits of technological development, a daily work and effort is necessary to remain outside the criteria of the information society and in this way, take full advantage of the opportunities that allow new projects to be undertaken.

Las empresas inteligentes crean informacion inmediata

The raw material: the information.

Today, the business sector is increasingly diverse and therefore more competitive, which has encouraged an intelligent business model that seeks a more prosperous action landscape where business assets and information systematically are integrated.

In order to achieve a high level of sophistication and innovation, it is necessary to have the appropriate tools that through information, support and favor production, security, investment and in general business functionality.

Creation of an smart company

To create an smart company, the ability to integrate knowledge in technology with the perfect discernment of the human factor and decision making is essential.

In other words, the basic foundations of an intelligent company are the tangible and intangible resources optimized with an efficient technological system that help us to improve the productivity of the company and to direct its activities towards the fulfillment of its objectives.

To begin a smart company is necessary apply:

Timely strategies

The companies need to find a breakeven between the information and the human judgment  to establish strategies and act on a appropriate way on the different problems that can be presented.

  • Clocklike. These are the problems that are based on deterministic precisions. They can be resolved through references that occurred in the past.
  • Cloudlike. These are the problems with a higher level of insecurity. There are more complex to solve and for this it require the knowledge of an expert.

Analytical and predictive initiatives

One of the most fleeing activities is the analysis because of how exhausting it is, but through multiple intelligence tools it is possible to implement some methods of analysis and prediction with which skills are developed that provide a close business forecast.

Specialized knowledge

Inside of an smart company , specialized knowledge is the key to business success because the expert staff helps to maximize the performance and effectiveness of the activities, in which it seeks to increase the potential of all the resources it has. 

Business intelligence

Business Intelligence includes applications and tools that allow more complex tasks to be carried out in an automated manner, favoring internal practices that improve access and information analysis to optimize the overall structure of the company.

Composite capabilities

One way to establish a balance between the human factor and technology is through the sophistication of the action plan, in which companies demonstrate and mix their composite capabilities to create competitive advantage.

Promote business skills

As we have mentioned throughout this entry, the human factor is an intrinsic element within an intelligent company and requires the following skills to contribute to the company’s results.

Quality of judgment: Aboard a long-term vision us fostered with which it is possible to improve timely and convenient decision making.

 Personal domain: It is possible to create an individual vision of the staff so that each member of the company takes full advantage of the resources available to them.

 Intellectual model: It is based on the internal communication in which the opinions of the staff are exposed and balanced through the verification of judgments

Business vision: Leadership is encouraged to develop and implement a business vision that harmonizes the companies way of work.

 Teamwork: Individual work results in teamwork, therefore, even with the use of new technologies, the human factor continues to maintain its fixed role within the company

In an information society, technology turns on a priority, which is why companies must start implementing digital knowledge and applications that help them innovate in their business sector.

A smart company has the necessary tools that encourage development and decision- making backed by the efficiency of operations. New technologies impact your productivity by saving time and expenses, projecting a notorious competitive advantage.

The big difference between a traditional company and a smart company is the capacity for adaptation and innovation that the latter demonstrates in its internal development, favoring the consumer experience.

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