Nowadays, technology is no longer considered a luxury, its use has become an essential element in any business sector. We live in a globalised world in which only those companies that integrate business intelligence within of its work manage to remain in force and manage to stand out from the competition by being more efficient, technological developments have been an important pillar in the resolution of difficulties faced by each sector and in addition, they are supporting in the integration of innovative systems that are tailored to the needs of each company.

Introduction of the Business Intelligence

The concept of business intelligence (BI) is closely associated with the new information technologies and refers to the use of strategies and applications that serve to concentrate, filter and transform the internal and external data of any company with the goal of delivering structured information that facilitates the decision-making process, due to a differentiation factor business.

In past decades, the first business intelligence tools were little functional and very difficult to apply, but this was left behind. In the middle of the digital era, business intelligence, acts as a strategic agent in a company providing benefits and the ability to respond to business problems that are constantly faced with the companies.

Having an intelligent system translates into a guarantee of business that allows you to:

  • Understand the origin of what is happening.
  • Observe what happens inside and outside the company.
  • Incorporate new applications in established tasks.
  • Predict the possible answers in function of the present.
  • Decide in an optimal way the actions to be executed.

BI: New action opportunities

The integration of a business intelligence system facilitates the opening of new action opportunities.That is to say, to improve the management of each one of the areas of the company to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their activities; and increase its capacity for adaptation and flexibility, to act rapidly to the demands.

The technology favors the emergence of new markets and this impacts positively to those companies that know how to intervene in a timely manner, providing solutions through its products and services, and even anticipating future needs of customers by implementing the development of new projects.

It is time to face all the business challenges through the use of business intelligence tools that will enable each company to achieve its objectives, analyzing all its information to establish strategies with which to achieve and receive information that expand its knowledge of competition, consolidated and potential customers, and their own strengths and weaknesses.

Advantages of intelligent tools

Implement the different tools that has the business intelligence gives an added value to companies that are incorporating them in their activities, the difference with the others is that this one provide different benefits that focus on improving internal business processes and even the overview of the sector.

New technologies represent a growth and stability of business that is reflected in the competitiveness and positioning of a company. When you implement the function of each one of the tools of business intelligence you can obtain the following four major advantages:

  1. The ability to perform a full analysis by means of internal and external information from different sources.
  2. A big competition based on the analysis, which allows you to extend the generation of reports that support the usefulness of the company.
  3. The opening of knowing past files and move them to the present with the aim of improving it through new applications.
  4. An aptitude to carry out large and solid projections of the future predictions of the sector based on the collected information.

That’s why the business intelligence tools are part of the sophisticated and effective technology due to the broad ability to process masses of data that support companies to achieve their goals.


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