Any company, no matter the sector that is focus, must implement strategies that maximize performance of its material resources, since these are an important part in the process of the management of production by stimulating the maximum performance of each area, as well as increase customer satisfaction with the final result.

Actually perspective of the planification

In this context, technological advances have an essential role in the design of new models of planning of material requirements, which are oriented to the future and focused on the final products. Planning is a task that helps to structure the priorities of a company to optimize the time and requirements; and then achieve the supply of market demand, such as inventory levels.

In this panorama of constants requirements has driven the use of systems of material requirements planning also known as MRP software. Which are tools that integrate the activities of production planning and inventory management, which respond by giving a precise and disciplined approach to determine the requests of materials of the company.

The use of MRP methodology in the management of production

A MRP software was designed to solve questions that are generated in the production and distribution of materials. Their model of action is based on two basic business axes:

  1. The distinction between an independent demand and a dependent.
  2. The requirements of each material and the time you should meet the needs, which can be calculated on the basis of the independent demands and the product structure.

In other simple way, the MRP has the special function to calculate the particular requirements and net of the products by introducing a new factor which supports to determine the production and delivery of products and indicating the time for provisioning components, depending on its use in each stage of the manufacturing process.

MRP, an effective solution to the planning

The material requirements planning includes knowing the amount of materials at the time they are necessary, and with a MRP system optimizing the phases over time for the independent demands.

A MRP system is focused to determine the components necessary to carry out a production plan with specific orders of purchase and manufacture for each one of the products involved in the production process, and the external demands of finale products.

Know the necessary demands increases the usefulness according to customers’ orders without the need for a comprehensive inventory. In addition, have in mind each one of the dependent and independent demands helps to calculate the non-material resources, such as labor and the machinery needed.

Nowadays, the MRP techniques represent an effective solution to the classic difficulties that are presented in the stage of production and inventory control. Provide an optimization in processing and delivery times, providing approach scenes in which increases the efficiency and profitability of the company.



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