In the past we have talked specifically of some internal factors, but now we’re gonna talk of an external factor: the customers and how a CRM can help you achieve the perfect balance in your business. A company includes internal and external factors that jointly awarded results depending on the handling of both. Many times it is thought that the greater weight rests on the side of the intrinsic, but this is only a half-truth because in order to maintain a stable a company is required to place the same value in the two. So if you still do not know how to achieve that balance, a CRM system can support.

“Customer Relationship Management”, allude to the management of the relationship with customers who, through different practices, strategies and technologies the companies analyze the interaction they have with each client. It is based on this that seek to improve the link so as to be able to anticipate the needs and particular requirements of each customer, to generate a chain reaction that continues with the optimization of the overall profitability of the company, is reflected in the increase of sales and the effectiveness of the campaigns that have as their goal the new clients.


The CRM is a term that is often used in the sector of marketing and sales, since these areas are the closest to the outside.That is to say, are those that have a greater direct exposure to the market and constantly working in the satisfaction and in the loyalty of new users.


Probably up to this point, still don’t fully understand that it is a CRM. In a simple manner a CRM can be defined as a computer system in which you can store your customers’ data and manage the activity that you carry with each one of them. Simple isn’t it? However, this definition is only a small part of all that really encompasses the full knowledge of customers.

Customer Management, something new?

The business models emerged in ancient times in which systematically began to form organizations that were responsible to develop, provide deliveries; what we know today as sales, and capture value in various contexts. The transformation of this process is part of the market strategy, in which since then has highlighted the role of the customer.


Throughout history, the business models have been adapted to the particularities of each epoch, so have become more sophisticated year-on-year. Currently, the business models are related to technology due to the fact that this has proved to be functional at the time of obtaining a greater number of customers at low cost and this is that now we can enjoy all the benefits of a CRM.


Therefore, we can say that a CRM is not a novel system, but rather the novelty is located in the technological applications that are used to adapt a business strategy based on all the information of the customer and the business environment.

CRM Types

The development of business systems has allowed increasingly specialize its specific function, which has led to three types of CRM software:

  • Operational CRM. Covers all Front Office processes. That is to say, those who manage the area of marketing, sales and customer service.
  • Analytical CRM. Are the various tools that provide customer information obtained from the database and is used to promote decision-making relating to products and services, as well as to evaluate the results.

Collaborative CRM. Sets the interaction with customers through various channels of communication such as e-mails, telephone, etc.

What is the function of a CRM in a company?

The CRM is an internal tool that any company can acquire. The use of it adheres to each of the strategies that are oriented to the client and have as their main objective to improve the care and the relationship with each consumer to maintain your satisfaction within the priorities of the company.

A CRM helps store all relevant information from current and potential customers, this system gathers all the information in a common area where their names, addresses, contact numbers, email addresses, etc. So if you don’t know how to achieve that balance, a CRM system can support. A CRM is the means by which you get to keep a personalized follow-up of each client, which provides a breakdown of the references, histories, and purchasing preferences.

This CRM software has no function of organized contacts list, the usefulness of a CRM is oriented to provide results based on a structured business management that allows you to enhance productivity and sales for the company, as well as granted by the deep understanding of the demands of customers so that they can develop more effective strategies.

Perhaps at this moment you’re wondering how a CRM can help to increase sales of your business. In Visual Mexico not only we have the answer to that question, but we have a practical solution and innovative. Our customer management system CRM, helps you to be close to your users to maintain a communication that strengthens your negotiations and bring you to stay one step ahead of your competition.


Do you need a CRM for your company?

Is it a good idea to acquire a CRM?

Choose the CRM software is a decision unsure of the companies, because there is always the fear of failure, but in Visual Mexico we give you the confidence of being in good hands. Each enterprise software that we offer has a positive impact on the performance of each company and in the performance of the computer that will use it.

A CRM is not a magical tool which will make grow overnight your sales, this type of system helps you to manage the relationship with the business market, specifically with customers who are more complex filter to approve, but if you know their demands and your product or service responds to them, you’re already on the side of the firmer ground, now you must focus on improving the overall performance of your company.

Ventajas de un CRM

A CRM is a customized system that allows you to suit your particular needs to make it for you easier to use. In addition to the above, it is flexible, quality that helps you access your business information quickly and easily.

The CRM system has a wide capacity of occupation, which brings with it many advantages that you can apply to your company. Some of them are:

  • Cross-selling

    It offers a wider knowledge and updated the behavior of customers, which increases the chances of recurrence of sale which can translate into consistent sales or sale of products with higher cost.

  • Cash flow management

    This is one of the biggest benefits of a CRM, as managing the flow of cash or Cash Flow helps you to discover how many potential customers and how many chances of significant sales you have. This favors in the definition of sales processes more specific.

  • Diligence of the team

    When the collaborative team knows your area and the requirements of this, you can perform a simple planning and follow-up and organized for each of the activities that must be performed. The above is linked to the relationship with customers because it is the reflection of the internal performance of the company.
    On the other hand, a CRM also helps to facilitate the calculation of bonuses through sales reports, in this way it is possible to know in detail all the information and avoid complications.

  • Prediction of future actions

    The management system CRM generates comprehensive reports from the sales results, which are a strategic support in market research; makes it easy to differentiate between the actions of success and fall that aid for the planning of future actions to ensure that the increase in sales.

  • Understanding the environment

    The CRM provides to the collaborators of the company information of each of the processes that are necessary to meet customers and in this way have a compression of their needs, to know to identify them and, above all, to act in a timely manner, meet them and thus forge a close relationship between the company and the client.

  • Customer Segmentation

    According to the turn signals when you belong to is that you can delimit your customers, but this group is able to segment even more with a CRM management system that helps you implement marketing strategies and sales with greater scope and with a greater return on investment.

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