In all business sectors one of the most far-reaching is the inventory control, but it is usually procrastinated due to the its industriousness. This derives in many errors that represents a constant threat, given that a lack in this area translates into losses which have a negative impact on the performance of the company.

Inventory control is closely related to the objective that all companies have in common, increase their return on investment. That is to say, sales that remain in the market to the company. However, the profitability begins to be affected at the time at which the function of the inventory is not effective, due to errors that trigger a series of obstacles of productivity.

Most common errors at inventory control

Inventory management is one of the main actors for a company regardless of the range. However, they are often making mistakes that affect the overall performance of the company, some of the most common are:

Do not estimate the supply distribution time

A bad supply distribution not only refers of a poor administration, it also reflects a low productivity that has a relationship with suppliers. Deliveries of products that are not done on time and in form cause a shortage of the product before a constant demand on the part of the client, which brings with it a loss of sale and even a bad image to the market.

Give greater consideration to codes of new products

Before a versatile landscape constantly, companies are forced to increase their stock of products, adding new product codes to maintain its competitiveness against opponents. While this is an important point, many times implies losing the focus on those products that really generate profits to the company, while the lower volume of newly added represents a problem in the logistics of the warehouse.

Do not classify products by categories

To know the status of each of the products without having to invest a lot of time, what you should do is to maintain an administration of the entire inventory by category, when this does not exist, it is difficult to have a broad vision and control standards for each product.

Manage traditional management methods

Previously, the method for managing the inventories was through formats on paper or extensive archives in spreadsheets, which were a bit complicated and functional. There are companies that continue working under this same traditional model that is not a guarantee of optimized control.

How to avoid errors in inventory control?

The list of errors that commonly commit does not end there, inventory control is a work that lends itself to theft, loss and waste, therefore requires a greater interest to have a positive impact on productivity and profits.

When a company acquires a software inventory control enters into a cycle of continuous improvement.

For this reason, in order to have a better inventory control and an integral vision of the products it is necessary to have a computer system to help facilitate this task, improving the experience of having always at hand-to-date information on each product and with this favor the timely decisions at the right time, to increase the profitability, efficiency and profits of the company.

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